Face brush

Face brush

Face brush 1Applying makeup on a daily basis requires a set of high-quality brushes to ensure that you not only get the results you want, but also so that the process of applying your makeup is as painless as possible. Here at Attirer Beauty, we’ve put together a Makeup Brush Set that will allow you to do just that. Our Makeup Brush Set comes with six face brushes that were made using hand-sculpted synthetic bristles. Every face brush is assembled using the latest materials and technologies to ensure a superior performance. In addition to being made using superfine synthetic fibers, each brush is crafted using a light gold plated aluminum ferrule along with a beautiful handle that boasts an ivory finish. The following are a few tips on how to use the face and eye makeup brushes that are included in our Makeup Brush Set:
  1. Face Powder Brush – (6.8 inches) Use our Face Powder Brush to create a finished look by applying powder to your face or body in a loose or pressed manner.
  2. Multi-Task Dome Brush – (6.7 inches) Ensure a flawless finish by using the multi-task dome brush to apply a buff and smooth foundation.
  3. Tapered Face Brush – (6.8 inches) Once you’ve applied foundation to your face, use the tapered face brush to apply loose or pressed powder.
  4. Base Eyeshadow Brush – (6.5 inches) Use the base eyeshadow burhs to apply eyeshadow evenly.
  5. Detail Crease Brush – (6.7 inches) When applying eyeshadow, use our detail crease brush to blend and soften defined lines.
  6. Angle Liner Brush – (6.5 inches) If you’re using cream or gel liners, then our angle liner brush will help you create a sleek winged look or a defined line.
These face brushes were made to last, but it’s important that you take care of them to ensure that they last as long as possible. Fortunately, taking care of them is easy. Simply clean them in warm and soapy water after use. Be sure to squeeze out any excess water before laying them flat on a towel so that the bristles can dry.  If you’re in need of a set of face and eye makeup brushes, then you’ll find everything you need in our Makeup Brush Set, which contains six of the best quality brushes you could hope for along with a pouch to keep them in. For more information about our makeup brushes, be sure to contact us at Attirer Beauty today.
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