Eyeshadow Brushes

Eyeshadow Brushes

A25 Detail Liner Brush

When properly applied, eyeshadow can help add depth to one’s eyes, making them stand out more by complementing the eye color and drawing attention to the eyes themselves. However, the successful application of eyeshadow relies heavily on the type of eyeshadow brushes you use. The quality of the bristles, in particular, are very important. It’s also why our Attirer Beauty A16 Base Eyeshadow Brush is the perfect eyeshadow brush for your eyeshadow needs.

The bristles on our A16 Base Eyeshadow Brush are made from a blend of superfine synthetic fibers and natural goat hair, allowing for an even and elegant application of eyeshadow. Using our A16 Base Eyeshadow Brush is easy as well. First, apply a small amount of powder to your brush. After tapping the brush lightly to remove any excess powder, simply sweep it softly across your eyelid.

While the quality of bristles is important, our A16 Base Eyeshadow Brush is also made with a high-quality handle. The handle is made out of wood with a black gloss and is dressed with a gold plated brass ferrule. As far as cleaning the A16 Base Eyeshadow Brush goes, all you need to do to maintain its quality for as long as possible is to regularly clean the bristles using warm, soapy water. After washing the brush, be sure to squeeze the remaining water out of the bristles. Then let the bristles dry by laying the brush down flat on a towel.

If you’re looking for a high quality eyeshadow brush that will allow you to apply your eyeshadow evenly and easily, you can’t do much better than our A16 Base Eyeshadow Brush. Find out more about our exceptional eyeshadow brushes by contacting us at Attirer Beauty today

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