Blush Brush

Blush Brush

A12 Concealer Brush

Many women add blush to their cheeks as a way to add warmth to their face. Blush should be applied right after you add contour and right before you finish up your makeup with the use of highlighter. However, in order to apply blush in a way that appears natural, you will need to use a high quality blush brush. A good blush brush will make it easy to create a smooth contour and finish using your blush. Our Attirer Beauty A06 Blush Brush does just this.

Our hand sculpted A06 Blush Brush is meant to allow you to add either loose or pressed blush powder. We’ve designed our blush brushes using a blend of superfine synthetic fibers and natural goat hair, which is why it’s so easy to use. The wooden handle was designed using a black gloss, while the ferrule is gold plated brass. 

Using our A06 Blush Brush isn’t difficult. For best results, simply add a small amount of your blush powder to your brush. Make sure to tap the brush gently to remove excess powder. To apply the powder, lightly use the brush on your cheeks by blending the powder outwards to your hairline. 

In order to care for your A06 Blush Brush, clean the bristles in warm and soapy water. Before you lay the brush down on a towel in order to dry it, be sure to squeeze out any excess water. For more information about our A06 Blush Brush, be sure to contact us at Attirer Beauty today.

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